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October and November 2019

1. Prophetic Evangelism

We're reaching a time of great harvest. Until now the church has been a place of safety, where we have been able to equip and explore the prophetic. But now is the time to step outside! As a prophetic body, we need to sharpen our tools to use the prophetic outside of the church! So we will be looking at who to minister to, what God wants to share with them, and when to go!


2. Issachar Prophet

"Will you heal our land?" The land and its people have been crying out for a revival, but to have a revival we need to understand the seasons, and to understand the seasons we need Issachar Prophets. Our land has been dry and crying out for the season that brings the rain. Elijah took notice of the one cloud that came before the rain fell and hence brought the strategy that was needed for that time. We need the prophets that will see the small cloud so that we can be prepared for when the rain falls! 

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